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Thursday 18 February, first online aMS event since MWCP 2021

A round table with the aMS community dedicated to Microsoft Viva's innovative features

Last week, Microsoft unveiled Microsoft Viva with a promise to bring together: Connections, Insights, Learning and Topics in M365—more specifically in Teams. A new wave of features has been added:

  • An emphasis on corporate intranets built with SharePoint

  • Teams Analytics to prevent psychosocial risks and improve productivity

  • A new "Learning" app to come for Teams to promote online learning

  • The long-awaited arrival of the Cortex Topics Experience called Microsoft Viva Topics

To discuss this new wave about to reach users of the Microsoft 365 suite, Aerow will be represented at part one of the round table by Sébastien Paulet, who will join other MVPs and members of the aMS community, including Amélie Plockyn, Blandine Pinto, Alexandre Demilly, Hakim Taoussi and Patrick Guimonet.

Part two will be all about RPA using the Power Automate Desktop tool.

Guillaume Siccat, Pierre Scifo and Dylan Bonin will show you how Microsoft will now incorporate RPA functionality:

  • What Microsoft's arrival in the RPA space will change

  • Overview of key features and demonstration of a first project with Power Automate Desktop

  • Presentation of a complex use case involving order entry into ERP software

Online Event with the aMS community: this event will be an opportunity to discover the new features of Microsoft Viva during a roundtable discussion but also to discover the integration of RPA with Microsoft during a demo with Power Automate Desktop. #MSFTViva #MicrosoftViva #Cortex #AI #RPA #PowerAutomateDesktop #aMSComm #Microsoft365 #TeamsAnalytics #SharePoint #Learning
Thursday 18 February, first online aMS event since MWCP 2021


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