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In the digital age, digitalizing contract management processes is a real driver to improve performance.

Contract lifecycle management solutions allow contract processes to be automated and digitalized. They can be used at every stage of the process: creation, negotiation, electronic signature, execution, secure storage and renewal.  By using these solutions, your organization can reduce the time it takes to manage contractual agreements, improve collaboration and ensure stored contracts are compliant.

By integrating analytics components based on artificial intelligence (AI), CLM solutions can offer automatic contract analysis capabilities that allow key information to be identified and specific clauses to be extracted to meet regulatory compliance requirements and improve the negotiation process. 

Aerow has considerable document intelligence expertise and can help you with every phase of implementing your CLM solution, from assessing its suitability to its POC, integration and maintenance. We will help you convert your data into knowledge to improve the decision-making process, the automation of tasks and operational efficiency, and accelerate growth to create new customer experiences while managing risk.


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The challenge:

The objective of our banking client was to ensure the compliance of loan contracts and mortgage statements under the new banking regulations.

The AEROW +:

We helped our client set up an innovative tool to automatically identify transferability clauses in loan contracts and the security level of mortgage statements.

The solution was deployed in several stages:

  • Definition of objectives and usage data

  • Automatic collection of documents from the IS client

  • Preparation of the technical environment

  • Creation of learning models (machine learning and deep learning) used for automatic document classification

  • Recognition and extraction of non-compliant clauses

  • Export of key search information to Excel

The result :

  • Contract compliance

    Increased confidentiality

  • Reduced risks for unstructured data

  • Reduced costs and processing times


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