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Réunion d'équipe


Are you a dedicated expert?
Aerow needs you!

Already the leader in France, Aerow is looking to export its expertise and become a leader in Europe.

Our consultants can help us achieve this goal.

So if like us ...

  • you believe in ambition and putting human relationships first

  • you believe that people achieve more working together and that diversity is an opportunity

  • you believe that having fun leads to personal fulfillment

  • you want to be free to suggest new ideas and you aren't afraid of making mistakes

  • you love working on innovative projects

  • you think that a happy customer is the best compliment of all

Then join us!

CCM Publishing Designer (M/F)

SAP Developer (M/F)

CCM Publishing Designer (M/F)

SAP Developer (M/F)

Modern Workplace/Power Platform Consultant (M/F)

Expert Consultant - OpenText Documentum (M/F)

Expert Consultant - OpenText/Vendor Invoice Management (M/F)

Expert Consultant - OpenText/Vendor Invoice Management (M/F)

Au travail

To ensure we build strong teams that work well together and maintain a high level of skills (and a great vibe!), Aerow has created a smooth and speedy recruitment process. Interviews are as likely to be held in a coffee shop as they are in a meeting room.

At Aerow, your technology skills are important to us but your human skills are vital!

Successful recruitment in 4 easy steps


Step 1

Let's get to know each other!

An interview with our head of recruitment and maybe a business engineer should get the ball rolling!


2nd step

Let's take it a little further...

Are we starting to like each other? An interview with a team leader and possibly a technical test (depending on your area of expertise) will help reinforce this good first impression.


Step 3

Do you share our vision?

The next step is an interview with one of our directors, as Aerow's vision comes from them.


Step 4

Keen to be a member of a united team?

Excited about being part of an innovative and ambitious company? Time to meet one or more team members to confirm you are all on the same page. And maybe even a friendly chat with ALL our consultants!

Gaetan Jeanette.jpg

I joined the Aerow group as a SharePoint consultant 6 years ago. Thanks to the personalized support I received and the hands-on management style, my skills improved very quickly. The acknowledgement of the human element and different career development options allowed me to quickly take on more responsibility within the organization. Now I set up partnerships and grow Aerow's business as head of the MC2 division.


Gaëtan Jeannette

Division Technical Director

Join Aerow

Please apply using our form or send your CV to

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