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Aerow has been visionary since day one. Created in 2004 to provide expertise to a niche market—ECM—Aerow very quickly developed additional digital, business intelligence and performance expertise. Even then, it already had its own graphic studio and audiovisual studio to offer innovative digital journeys through well-designed, user-friendly applications. Aerow was a pioneer in offering these services, which were very unusual at the time but are commonplace today.


Aerow very quickly understood the need to develop and maintain internal innovation processes, constantly seeking to improve what was already in place. But it also recognized the importance of building and maintaining an effective R&D strategy to increase its knowledge and culture base and use this knowledge base for new applications.

Combining innovation with our R&D strategy offers opportunities to create and develop new growth drivers by capitalizing on our role as

 “Record Management" experts and our partnerships with the main vendors to develop better digital services that are more creative and imaginative.

R&D production and innovation are activities with a high return on investment. Aerow's KM (Knowledge Management) database has a lot of deliverables and ensures all our consultants' knowledge is recorded.


Our approach has been fine-tuned over the years as the company has matured, and now Aerow has significant technological assets, as attested by our clients, positioning us as a leader in the record management space.


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Our Innovation achievements:

  • Determined the packaging of a cosmetic product based on "sustainable development" criteria (biodegradable, recyclable, cost, etc.)

  • Calculated the cost of manufacturing a cosmetic product based on the least expensive raw materials, the factories available and the lowest transport costs

  • Developed a connector between the AGEFOS PME web portal and Salesforce as part of an initiative to digitalize exchanges

  • Developed and implemented a predictive algorithm using real-time event detection (GPS technology)

  • Developed a predictive algorithm to detect risky or dangerous behaviour using data from home automation sensors

  • Built a customer repository based on information collected from all client IS tools

  • Provided indicators as part of an enterprise portal/"digital" journey in a shopping center

  • Developed a document generation service for a leading online company (stickers, calendars, business cards, greeting cards, gift vouchers, envelopes, menus, posters, note pads, etc.)

Our R&D achievements:

2015: Automatic generation of international cosmetic regulations 

2016: Geolocated records management application

2017: Optimized the performance of third-party web applications in large enterprises

2018: Business process digitalization method

2018: Predictive mapping / technology partner detection

2018: Automated document checks

2019: eDiscovery

2020: Automatic detection of fraudulent documents

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