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By unifying all of your company's communication tools (emails, videoconferencing, corporate social networks, planning, etc.) as well as document management (work information, digital documents, collaborative workspaces, etc.) and business applications in an environment that is constantly evolving to be at the forefront of security and regulatory changes, the Digital Workplace offers a new employee experience and promotes collective intelligence.

Aerow has been a Microsoft partner since 2008 and has several Gold or Silver areas of expertise. Still very active on SharePoint and the realization of agile projects with Lean Startup and Scrum approaches, Aerow now also supports companies in their skills development on Teams and Power Platform as well as their security and their compliance.



The problem:

We have supported a world leader in beauty in the Digital Workplace modernization project and the adoption of new collaborative uses. The objective is to migrate SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online and the implementation of the essential collaborative tool Microsoft Teams.

The AEROW +:

  • Analysis of existing sites and identification of business data to migrate

  • Recommendation of new organizations of information spaces and governance

  • Support for change through training sessions to promote the adoption of the collaborative platform by users and IT teams

  • Creation and animation of a "User group" for collaborative tools

  • Development of user guides and training material

  • Establishment of communication networks for changes and developments

  • Our added value is based on our expertise in Microsoft tools, our knowledge of information governance and the involvement of our consultants.

The result :

  • Performed the migration of +2,000 sites for +3,000 users

  • A new, less costly Digital Workplace environment

  • A better employee experience

  • Data protection is guaranteed


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