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Tuesday 29 June: “Aerow coaching offer”: Presenting Aerow's coaching sessions

What areas does Aerow offer coaching in?

Our coaching sessions are fully customizable and aim to focus on each user's individual needs. This will allow you to try out or strengthen your skills in different Microsoft tools. Our presentation will cover the following tools:

- MS365 databases

- Power BI

- SharePoint

- Power Platform

- Power Apps

- Document use

What more Aerow can offer you

Aerow has acquired wide-ranging expertise over the years thanks to its specialist consultants and many partners. Aerow has been a Microsoft partner since 2008 and has Gold collaboration & content certification.

Avec son expertise notamment sur SharePoint et O365, AEROW vous accompagne vers le changement et la transformation digitale de votre entreprise grâce à des sessions permettant une meilleure adoption de plateformes.


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