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Boost your competitiveness, increase operational efficiency and find new ways of working by automating all your business and IT processes to digitally transform your organization. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a non-intrusive combination of technologies used to recognize user interfaces and execute workflows across multiple systems. Backed by AI technology, RPA now makes it possible to reduce repetitive and time-consuming tasks, accelerate an organization's ability to innovate and improve the customer and employee experience.


Our approach to automation is based on deploying innovative, intelligent solutions that combine RPA technologies and "content intelligence" tools to manage different types of content (emails, documents, chatbots) from different sources (CRM, Web). Our added value in RPA projects lies in our ability to share our knowledge of RPA technologies and our expertise on issues relating to content management, business areas and compliance with regulatory standards.


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The challenge:

As part of its simplification programme, a leading retailer approached Aerow to help it automate its customer order creation and confirmation process. The main objective was to simplify an order processing system based on different document types and requiring a lot of repetitive, tedious and time-consuming manual processing with low added value. 

The AEROW +:

Implementation of an automation solution combining RPA with Aerow's digitalization and content management expertise to cover all stages of the business process 


  • Extraction of documents for processing from the company's CRM tool

  • Document journey and intelligent capture of unstructured data

  • Automatic order entry in the company's ERP system 

The result :

  • A paperless process from end to end

  • Time savings and reduced error rates by staff, who no longer have to re-enter information in the ERP system

  • Rapid implementation of the solution and ease of integration with the existing IS

  • A quantifiable ROI


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