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The first webinar co-presented by Aerow and its new partner Sinequa: "The Digital Workplace"

Tuesday 13 April - "The Digital Workplace": Optimizing access to information, whatever your working environment is."

In 2023, less than a third of employees will choose to work in the office," announced Gartner in 2019. With the pandemic, this trend has accelerated and revolutionized the way we work.

How do you condense a transformation that should take 4 years into 4 months?

Large organizations have opted for speed (videoconferencing equipment, document management solutions, corporate social media), but are faced with the difficulty of finding data hidden in the information and organizational silos they have set up.

How do you ensure that all "digital workers" have access to the information they need to continue to work together remotely, find the right documents quickly and easily and identify the experts in their organization on complex subjects?

Who is Sinequa, our new partner?

Sinequa offers the most complete intelligent enterprise search engine on the market. It's an intelligent search platform that helps you connect content, identify user interactions and present users with the right document in context. Navigation is via a secure and optimized user interface. The aim is to provide more fluid access to information to enable quick and effective decision-making. There are many positive benefits for customers who use the platform: innovation is accelerated, repetitive tasks reduced and collaboration improved.

By partnering with Sinequa, Aerow aims to offer its customers an intelligent, intuitive enterprise search solution that offers access to all the company's information resources.

Webinar programme:

In this webinar, David Guidroux, Aerow's Managing Director and Valentin Pénission, Sinequa Consultant, will tackle the following subjects:

  • What are the challenges of the digital workplace?

  • The use of information assets

  • Standardizing access to information

  • Getting users used to searching


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