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ACTIA Multidiag PTF 2.25.00


actia multidiag 2013 vci serial number

I try to get the serial for Actia multi-diag 2013? I have Actia MultiDiag 2013. there are 2 numbers but I do not have the serial or the number and it is not compatible with my software are there any serial or other number for Actia multi-diag? Jun 11, 2018 Hello, unfortunately you have to attach the Actia XS Evolution to ACTIA MULTIDIAG 2013, you have to remove the card in order to attach it to the PC where the original Actia multi-diag is. Feb 4, 2019 Hello: good day I have problem to enter any company or location, its look like its not working for me, I have used serial number for Actia MULTIDIAG 2013 that. Wheras I have no problem to enter. I am using a connection on win pc, no monitor and 4gb of RAM, just a simple network cable, And the 8gb vci is on a pc installed to another pc as second hard disk, when I try to use the serial from the original Actia multi diag 2013 I get the error vci serial number is not compatible with security key. dec 14, 2017 Hello: I have problem with the actia vci serial number for this software, see the link for that : here good day Is there any serial number for the vci or any way to use the original one for this software? #ACTIA MULTIDIAG 2019 GRAY#: This is a valid serial number for actia MultiDiag or normal actia VCI. Sep 28, 2019 Hi, I have Actia multidiag 3.0 and bought the serial code for 2018, but when I tried to use it to connect to my computer, it says the serial does not match. I need help please. And I am using Windows 10 + Wi-Fi + ethernet cable + And the Actia XS Evolution is not on my computer or shared from there. How is that possible? Mar 5, 2019 Good day, I have the original serial number for Actia MultiDiag 3.0, after the update it was compatible with new software. Jun 11, 2018 I need actia serial number for action VCI 2.0. And it was vci that I want to use the Serial. I need to update my software from 2018 version to 2019 version. Apr 29,

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ACTIA Multidiag PTF 2.25.00

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